2013 China·Lishui International Photography Festival


China·Lishui International Photography Festival has been successfully held for 4 consecutive times since the year of 2004 and this time will be the fifth. Through a series of activities like hosting photographic competitions, exhibitions, forums, experts meetings and photography fair, each photography festival has attracted thousands of audience coming to the city to participate in the exhibition. Lishui International Fesitival has become the most influential photography festival throughout China and one of the most important in the world.

In 2009, there were 22 heads of international famous photography festivals and photography institutions and 170 photographers from 34 countries and regions participated in Lishui International Festival. In 2011, there were over diverse 5,000 photography works showed in Lishui varying from documentary to art and 20 excellent curators contributed to this fantastic exhibition.

The specialty of 2013’s Lishui Photography Festival is the debut of Special Exhibition of Photography Book. This exhibition will include photography books of various photographers and indie publishers all over the world. Besides, a workshop of photo book making will also be carried out one the scene of Lishui Photography Festival. Hopefully, this would be the first large exhibition of photography book in China.

At the same time, academic exhibition themed by Useful Photography, which is composed by a dozen separated exhibitions, will also show during the festival. These exhibitions discuss the usage of photography and the accompanying satisfaction in the contemporary era from the relationship of photography and human being about documentary and phycology to the rapidly growing boundaries of photography and its combination with various fields.


Photography is magic and game. It hides in every corner in our normal life and gets more and more difficult to be defined and apart.
There is no doubt that photography is gradually becoming a most natural way to express for humans. The person who uses this media has to have creation and imagination if he wants to make his photos remarkable forever, but he is not necessarily to be a photographer, let alone taking pictures for pure desires for photos.

The main purpose of Lishui International Photography Cultural Festival is to construct a diverse photography culture. In the photography context freshly defined by new techniques, this festival would like to make a bold attempt. One festival facing for future should be a celebration for everyone.


From November 6th to November 10th in 2013


Lishui in Zhejiang Probince, China.

Situated in Southwestern Zhejiang Province. Lishui is a national ecological demonstration zone with fantastic natural scenery. In 1999, Lishui was named as the first “Chinese Town of Photography” by Chinese Photographers Association.


Chinese Photographers Association and people’s government of Lishui jointly host Lishui International Photography Cultural Festival.
The academic host for the festival is the curator and photography critic Ren Yue.

Other outstanding guests invited to participated in the festival includes Sean Corcoran, Curator of Prints and Photographs Museum of the City of New York; Emma Raynes, Magnum’s Program Director of Emergency Fund. Chiara Capodici and Fiorenza Pinna from Italy 3/3 photography center.


Lishui Photography Festival will hold a special exhibition: Photography and Book, which will be an exhibition discussing the value of photo book from different perspectives. Besides, a workshop of photo book making will also be carried out one the scene of Lishui Photography Festival. Hopefully, this would be the first large exhibition of photography book in China.

The special exhibition includes four parts:

  • Book/Wall/Photography

Photographers will exhibits their photography works and photo books at the same time, coordinately in two different forms: wall and paper. Thus photographers have multiple ways to express themselves and audience can find more possibilities in the spreading of photography through artists’ using the two kinds of media.

  • My First Book

The formation of a book is a symbol of the compliment of photographer’s work. The first book usually emits the innocence of the photographer and also marks the start of a photographer’s trying to forming his own language. The exhibition will show photo books all over the world and all of them are the first books, no matter they are published publicly or not, made for art on not, printed or handmade.

  • Independent Publishing

Photo books published by independent presses all over the world constitute the exhibition. Though away from main stream, these rare books have their own individual features.

  • Workshop of Photo Book Making

Ten to twenty artist will participate into the workshop and made a book separately in four days with the help of photo editors, designers and artists.

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